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The WEECC Is No Longer Active

Our community is now represented by the:
Elliott Community Group

In late 2010 community involvement with the West End Elliott Citizens Council ceased after 47 years of service. This started with the loss of two very active friends and neighbors: Elmer Clark who passed on in 2009, and Norene Beatty who moved to another nearby community. The last known participant was Matt Hogue.

These pages are no longer maintainted, and remain online for historical review.
Overlook Dedicated In Memory Of Elmer

Dedication Plaque Family and Mayor Elmer M. Clark
Elmer M Clark
Sept. 29, 1940 - Dec. 3, 2009
He was one of the greatest assets that the West End Elliott Citizens Council ever had. He lived and breathed for the children and the community. - Norene Beatty

View and sign Elmer's remberence guestbook
Also see Post Gazette: news story, and obituary.

- The communities with a view -

Strip Club Hearing, Monday Mar 15, 2010 Onala Club 6pm - VERY IMPORTANT

City Council is holding a public hearing regarding the strip club presently approved by Judge James to open on West Carson Street on MONDAY, March 15th, at 6pm at the Onala Club, 1625 W. Carson Street.  
It is important that residents, businesses and stakeholders use this opportunity to voice their opinion.

Testifying can be as simple as stating your name, address and whether or not you are for or against.  If you are willing to speak you must first sign up by calling 412-255-2138.  

If you do not plan to speak...it is still important that you attend.  A good turn out indicates that we value this issue. 


Pass the word, we need all the support we can get!

Proposed Adult Club Information:

Isssue:  City of Pittsburgh Legislative File ID  2009-1693
Proposed Site:
1635 West Carson ST (Google map)
Property Owner: Sonnynick Inc STP, Meador Ridge Subdivision, Uniontown, PA 15401 (EPA Polutant, Sewage)
  President: Mark A Latorre, 2050 Hayden Blvd, Elizabeth PA 15037 (Gambler, Gambler, LA Torre Investments)
                    Westwood Golf Course General Manager Mark A Latorre, Patrick M Risha Jr Gun Event
                    Isn't [Mark the] one trying to convince Royal Highland residents to let him build on Westwood?
  Vice President: Thomas A Licciardi, 335 Virginia Circle, Uniontown, PA 15401 (Licciardi Construction Co Inc)
Applicant Name: Patrick M Risha Jr, 26, of Belle Vernon (search Google | Gun Event | Gun Event)
  Applicant's Father: Patrick A Risha, controversial ex-Superintendent of the West Mifflin School District (Bookmaker)
  Applicant's Uncle: Jesse James Risha, poker machines (Arson | Arson)
  Applicant Company: Marquise Investments Inc. (search Google - nothing, a new puppet company)

City Planning* Hearing: Nov 18, 2008**. 200 Ross St, 15220, 1st floor
Issue: Conditional Use #709, 1635 W. Carson Street, Adult Entertainment
Zoning Code Administrative Officer: Brendan Schubert (dept website)
Zoning Code Administrator: Susan Tymoczko
City Planning* Neighborhood Planner: Michael Finley
Note *: previous incorrect references to "Zoning Code" have been fixed to "City Planning".
Note **: the City Planning hearing for Nov 18th was
postponed at the Nov 4th meeting.

Relevant Zoning Code "911":
  • Note: these city website links sometimes require you click the links a couple times, or
    that you "refresh" the page once there.
  • Open complete "Zoning Code"
    • Click "911.03.  New and Unlisted Uses." on left (applicable codes).
    • Also consider "922.06.  Conditional Uses." on left (approval procedure).
  • Open directly to subsection 911.03
    • The printout and passed out at WEEC meeting Oct 27 was primarily from the
      911.03 section, though other parts were injected as well.
News Coverage (Nov 18 City Planning meeting WTAE, WPXI, KDKA, POST, TRIB):
Past Events:

Monday, February 22, 2010 at 5:00 PM, City-County Building Grant Street



Due to the lack of a public hearing, conditional use of the location on West Carson Street, adjacent to the Onala Club, has been approved by Judge Joseph M. James (TERM: 10 YEARS, SALARY: $152,115) for use as a "gentlemen's club". As the West End neighborhoods, we believe that OUR RIGHTS have been overlooked.

The city of Pittsburgh has filed an appeal on the judges ruling. While we know that our actions may not stop the strip club from coming to the gateway to our neighborhoods, we will be making it known for future situations that our rights cannot be overlooked.

Least we forget this nation was founded on the principals that the government is for the people and by the people. Be present to let your voice be heard on this decision which endangers the great work of the Onala Club and paints unfair picture of our communities.

Around Oct 13, 2009 - this matter will be held for public hearing on an unknown date

The proposed adult club for 1635 West Carson, next to the Onala Club, is still on the table.

To the layperson, the statement "Under the provisions of Section 911.04.A.1 of the Pittsburgh
Code, the application of Sonnynick, Inc ... is hereby denied" concluding the Legislative file text
on this issue would indicate it is over. However, it appears to still be alive.

From the City Council minutes at
online here, on Aug 3rd 2009 the City Council referred this
matter to committee when presented by Rev. Burgess. On Aug 28th 2009 the Land Use and
Economic Development Committee voted that this matter be held for public hearing, and that
the public hearing will be cablecast.

Rumor was that the hearing would take place on October 6th, around 1:30 PM. However, poking
around at City Council of Land Use and Economic Development Committee notes online here
there is no further mention of this beyond Aug 28. Search for "2009-1693", "Marquise", "Risha"
and "Sonnynick" all turn up nothing.

November 18, 2008 - City Planning Metting, recommends "NO"

The City Planning commision voted to pass on the recommendaiton of "NO" to the
City Council. By rule, the City Council will require 7 of its 9 members to vote in favor
of the club if they disagree with the City Planning recommendation.
[Update Sept 2009: searching the City Council minutes at online here
reveals no notes about this issue until

Pre Nov 18, 2008 - Zoning Group passed to City Planning

The Zoning Code legal evaluation group has found no reason to send the application to
the "Zoning Board or Adjustments" and thus the request is on route the "City Planning
Board" for consideration. This was rescheduled in the last meeting (notes here) to be
considered at the November 18, 2008, 200 Ross St, 15220, 1st floor meeting. It is
expected that public will be allowed at this meeting.

Onala Club Open House Monday, November 3, from 4:30 to 6:30 PM

Those opposed to the Adult Night Club proposed next door are invited to come and
peacefully express their support for the Onala Club and the work it does for the community.
The Onala intends to invite the media, and plans a brief protest in the parking lot and have
everyone inside to look over the facility and view a brief video about Onala.

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