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The WEECC Is No Longer Active

Our community is now represented by the:
Elliott Community Group

In late 2010 community involvement with the West End Elliott Citizens Council ceased after 47 years of service. This started with the loss of two very active friends and neighbors: Elmer Clark who passed on in 2009, and Norene Beatty who moved to another nearby community. The last known participant was Matt Hogue.

These pages are no longer maintainted, and remain online for historical review.
Overlook Dedicated In Memory Of Elmer

Dedication Plaque Family and Mayor Elmer M. Clark
Elmer M Clark
Sept. 29, 1940 - Dec. 3, 2009
He was one of the greatest assets that the West End Elliott Citizens Council ever had. He lived and breathed for the children and the community. - Norene Beatty

View and sign Elmer's remberence guestbook
Also see Post Gazette: news story, and obituary.

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Norene Beatty

President WEECC
email: President@weecc.org
I came to Elliott as a bride June 1959. My four children were all born in Elliott, three sons and one daughter. Though I was born in Butte, Montana, for a number of  reasons my family lived in four different states and I attended eleven schools before graduating from high school  in Ohio. My parents were both  Pennsylvanians. My mother, a Pittsburgher,  was born in Elliott and raised in Carrick. My husband was an Elliott boy, and will no doubt die an Elliott boy. I  went to city schools, country schools and a school off  an Indian reservation. I was always the new kid. So when I came to Elliott knowing only my husbands family, I decided this was my home, my community, and I would be a part of it!

I held every position but cub master in Cub Scout Pack 87 of boy Scouts of America, with a total of nine years service. Took my turns at the Little League refreshment stand when all my children played ball. I was the elected parent representative of Stevens Elementary school for five years and two years for Greenway Middle School. I was the Langley Cluster of schools secretary for two years and the chairperson of the cluster for two years. I participated in title 8 program committees for the city schools and wide number of other committees including the magnate school committee. I was the first president of the National Association of Neighborhood Schools branch in Pittsburgh. I held  the post for two years and one year as vice president.

Elliott has ben good to me in the past forty years. I have seen it change in some cosmetic ways. Like many communities, we lost our little stores to the shopping  centers and malls. New people have come, but more have stayed. Our houses are a little older, we plant a few more flowers, and every year we see new faces in our playgrounds... but most of the parents there once played in those very playgrounds of Townsend Field, Herschel Park, Wabash Park and West End Park.

We have our disagreements on little things, but on the big things we can agree. The West End Overlook undoubtedly is our crowning glow to fame as the best view of Pittsburgh and the point. We celebrate the 4th of July there with hot dogs and fireworks, and music fills the late afternoon air. The tour buses come for the view of the city, which is great.  What the tour buses miss are  the special people, just nice folks that make our community home.

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