September 2010

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The West End Elliott Citizens Council (WEECC) is a community orientated organization dedicated to the improvement and enrichment of the West End and Elliott neighborhoods. The council began as neighbors whose goal was to “improve the overall quality of life in both the West End and Elliott”.

These neighbors organized in 1966 as a voluntary group known as the West End Civic Committee. In 1967 the name was changed to the West End Citizens Council and in 1968 to the West End Elliott Citizens Council. In 1979 the WEECC was incorporated and in 1981 received non-profit status.

The by-laws of WEECC state that membership is open to everyone without any forms of discrimination. The only requirement is a sincere commitment to work for the betterment of both our communities.

WEECC  is a fully volunteer group with no paid staff, officers or board of directors. YOU are WEECC, the community. The officers and directors of WEECC are your spokespersons for change and improvements.


It is that time again to pay your annual membership dues. The membership year of the West End Elliott Citizens Council begins each September and ends the following August. The dues are $2.00 a person and have been the same amount for the past fifteen years. Why are the dues so little when the cost of every thing continues to grow? The council does not want to impose a financial hardship on anyone nor do we want the dues to cause anyone to be excluded.

How are your dues spent? The council has maintained a small office at 922 Chartiers Avenue. There is no pay staff everything is done by volunteers.  The council host community events. The council represents the community at city wide meetings for improvements to our communities, address concerns of the communities and how the council can best serve you.

If you are not currently a member you are encouraged to join. Please  mail your dues to the West End Elliott Citizens Council, 922 Chartiers Avenue, Pittsburgh, and PA 15220. You may also pay them to the treasurer at the September 27, 2010 monthly meeting of the council. Please make all checks payable to the West End Elliott Citizens Council. Please include your address, phone number and email address.

Thank you with out your support the council could not exist without you.


The members of the West End Elliott Athletic Association will have their league picnic on September 18 at Herschel Field from 1 PM till 5 PM and food will be served at 2:30 PM.

The annual Halloween Parade will be on October 29 on the Little League Field at Herschel Field from 6:30 PM till 8:30 PM. The entire community is invited to come and see the children in their costumes parade around the field. There are prizes for the children.  Watch our website for more details.

As a fund raiser to help the association they are going to be selling pies from the Pie Company. Great eating you can help to support the association of volunteers who serve the youth of our communities so well.


The oobe Pastry Café opened September 1st  in the West End. The oobe Pastry Café is located in the rear of the bank building at 22 Wabash Avenue in the West End.

Their hours are Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm and closed on the weekends. However the oobe Pastry Café will be open for Steelers Home Games two hours before game starting time and two hours after the end of the Steelers game.

oobe Pastry Cafe hopes to expand the public's concept of pastry. They will carry the sweet items one comes to expect as well as savory breakfast and lunch items such as Pulled Pork Stuffed Honey Buns and Ham & Egg Crostatta.

Mari Cusma and Greg Smith are the proprietors and we sincerely encourage everyone to welcome them to our area and drop in and say hello.


Renew Pittsburgh is a program that assist senior citizens living in their homes to make improvements to their properties. With the growing cost of making major repairs to one home many senior are forced to give up their homes or live in homes that are not up to building code.

Renew Pittsburgh is able to provide the labor from volunteers of local trade unions to make the needed repairs. Currently they are focusing on several homes on Lorenz Avenue. The West End Elliott Citizens Council is assisting them in locating other homes of seniors with in the communities that need help.


Townsend Field is on the Cities list for improvements. As soon as funds are available it is hope that work can begin to improve the park.

It has been suggested that the area that once had a tennis court will be turned into a tot lot area. The area would have appropriate playground equipment for smaller children.

Better lighting to assure safety in the park is another consideration. It has been suggested with the growing number of people playing bocce ball that a bocce court could replace the old horse shoe pits.


The seniors from the West End Senior Center attended the patriotic music of Spirit of America at the new Consol Energy Center on September 11 and on September 16 the Phantom of the Opera at the Benedum Theater. Thursday, September 23 they will be at PNC Park watching the Pirates.

The center offers a wide variety of activities from craft classes, card games, pool, bingo  and friendship. Those over sixty are welcome and the center is located at 80 Wabash Avenue and the hours are from 8:00 AM till 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.


Recently students from Penn State visited the West End Elliott Overlook to consider developing a plan to enhance the landscape at the overlook.

They are also considering projects on the Corliss Street corridor to Elliott and Sheraden and the skate park in Sheraden.

Corliss Street has become the preferred entrance to Elliott since the reconstruction of the West End Circle.

The new artist community located along the Chartiers Avenue is interested in helping with the project. The council believes it is important that the council is apart of the decision process of what is placed at our front door.


The West Pittsburgh Weed and Seed hosted a Night Out against Crime at Langley Field in August. Weed and Seed continues to strive to fight crime in all the communities in the western area of the city. It is important that everyone help to make their community safer and a better place to live.

The Weed and Seed acquired the help of the Bayer Center to work with organization in Western Pittsburgh to improve their organizations. The West End Elliott Council has been working with one of their leaders this summer to help the council improve  and our role in the community.


A collection of hard-to-recycle materials will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sept. 25 at the City of Pittsburgh Environmental Services, 3001 Railroad St., Strip District.
Items that can be dropped off at no charge include laptops, cell phones, ink and toner cartridges, usable building supplies such as light fixtures and doors, and medical supplies such as canes and wheelchairs. Other materials -- including TVs and monitors, tires with no rims, and e-waste such as home phones, small printers and other small appliances -- can be dropped off for fees ranging from $1 for mice and keyboards to $50 for console TVs.
The collections are sponsored by the Pennsylvania Resources Council and Allegheny County Health Department.


Storehouse for Teachers is currently renovating a 30,000 square foot teacher resource center, on three acres, centrally located on Corliss Street next to Schuler’s station.

Storehouse for Teachers (SFT) is a “free store” where teachers shop for classroom and school supplies for their students at no cost. SFT's model relies on gracious donors, committed teachers, and thankful kids.

The mission of Storehouse for Teachers is to serve kids and their teachers by providing a resource center where school and classroom supplies are distributed to teachers at no cost


A comfort food dinner will be held at Emanuel United Methodist Church on October 2. The church is located on the corner of Lorenz Avenue and Crucible Street in Elliott. Dinner will be served at 5:30 PM.

The guest speaker will be Jack Bogut, the story teller. Jack presentation will begin at 7:00 PM. The cost is $ 18.00 for the meal and to hear Jack Bogut.

If you wish to hear only Jack Bogut at 7:00 PM the cost is $12.00.

Both venues are reserved seating only. For Tickets you may call (412) 809-9271