Supplement to the WEECC Pittsburgh Local Links

The page you were just viewing contains world wide web page links that we feel are of use to your average citizen living in the west end of Pittsburgh. It is hoped that you will choose to bookmark the page, or perhaps even make this your home page in the options/preferences of your web browser (so when you click on the home icon you get here fast).

Why is it so boring and simple? To be fast! so you will use it, not just look at it.

This sort of page is known as a "portal", and there are many such pages on the Internet - from, to, to What makes our portal unique is that it contains no graphics and ads (it is fast), and it has lots of links targeted directly to our area.

So, when you don't know where to go on the web, come to our portal, it will show up fast and give you links of all kinds to help you move on! It's built for speed, not comfort - but if you use it you will soon find it comfortable.

If you know of some place that you really should be on the list of links, click here!