Light Up Night for the City of Pittsburgh signaling the start of the holiday season will be on Friday, November 21. Everyone is invited to come to the West End Elliott Overlook on Friday evening, November 21 to enjoy the beautiful view of the city as the down town buildings light up for the holiday season.

The West End Elliott Citizens Council will be at the West End Elliott Overlook providing free coffee and hot chocolate starting at 6:00 PM in the building. Santa will be visiting at approximately 7:00 PM. Treats will be given to all the children visiting with Santa compliments of the West End Elliott Citizens Council.

PROPOSED STRIP CLUB (more info here)

The West End Elliott Citizens Council and our neighboring community councils along with churches and concerned citizens have voiced their opposition to the proposed adult strip club at 1635 West Carson Street.

The location is at the foot of the ramp leading from the West End Circle onto West Carson Street and where West Carson Street exits from underneath the circle. Any one who has driven this area knows the danger of the merging traffic at this point.

Next door to this purposed adult strip club is the Onala Club. For over twenty five years the Onala Club has quietly existed on West Carson Street. Many people knew little if anything about the Onala Club and the great work they do not only for the local communities but city and county.

If this adult night club is permitted to open next to the Onala Club it will destroy their good works and force them to move to another location.

Please sign one of the petitions that are being circulated and letters may be sent to the Planning Commission at 200 Ross Street addressed to Ms. Ismail Noor.
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The mission statement of the Onala Club is “To provide the community with a facility that offers an environment of recovery from Alcohol, Drug and other addictions through Education, Social Interaction and Fellowship”.

The program objectives of the Onala Club are: To provide a social environment which is free of drugs and alcohol for people who are in various stages of recovery. To provide an atmosphere free of "peer pressure" to use drugs and alcohol. To enhance the spiritual, social and economic welfare of the recovering community of Allegheny County. To educate its members and prospective clientele on the disease of addiction. To provide programs, activities and a meeting place for its members, their families and associates. To provide a central meeting place where recovering people in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area can go for human support when needed. To provide the out-of-town recovering person a drug and alcohol-free environment.


The zoning board has granted permission for an Adult Strip Club to open on West Carson Street next to the Onala Club. NO zoning hearing was held to hear any opposition. The Planning Hearing will be on November 18 at 200 Ross Street at 2:00 PM.  This is in preparation for a hearing before City Council.

This action raises many questions with concerned citizens. Why was there no zoning hearing? Why would the zoning board grant a permit when they are aware that the Onala Club is a social service facility?



In October a brand new Laundromat opened its doors on the Chartiers Avenue at the corner of Lorenz Avenue.

The Laundromat is open seven days a week from 6:00 AM till 10:00 PM and is handicapped accessible. There are ten regular washers and four jumbo washers with fourteen driers.

As we get out those big blankets and comforts perhaps you may want to use one of the jumbo washers. Please remember we need to support our local business!


Suzie’s Corner on South Main Street has begun evening hours on Wednesday to serve family style dinners from 4:00 PM till 8:00 PM.
Stuffed chicken breast or stuffed shells are a sample of some of the dinner entrées.

Suzie’s Corner is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM till 3:00 PM and from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday.


The annual Turkey Bingo and Bake Sale will be held the Knight’s of Columbus Council 3902 on Sunday, November 23 at 725 Lorenz Avenue at 1:30 PM. Residents are urged to come and bring a friend to win a turkey for their Thanksgiving feast. It is a nice afternoon with neighbors and friends.


We received a letter from a neighbor of Cris Mooney and Chere Tiller as citizens who make a difference in Elliott.

The neighbor’s letter read. “Cris and Chere buy foliage and mulch for the Overlook. There are two spots at the lower parking area flanking the flagpole and one larger area in front of the Overlook building. The couple buys plants and maintains the mini gardens and has for five years.

Early in the season they fertilize and work the dirt. Some of the plants are the large and hardy ornamental grasses, title-wave petunias, geraniums, marigolds and ageratum (little purple flowers), and my favorite, the beautiful light green leaf, ornamental sweet potato vine ground cover.

I live near the Overlook and get to enjoy their efforts every day. Thank you Cris and Chere”!

The council says thank you to these two caring good neighbors. We love to hear stories of people who are making a difference in our communities.


A Huge thank you, to everyone in Elliott who pitched in to clean-up our streets. You may have spotted the 16 people who gathered at Townsend Playground on Sunday, October 12 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM for our third Redd-Up/Clean-Up, donning orange safety vests, leather gloves and a big dose of Elliott pride. They set out to pick up trash throughout the neighborhood, they sweep up Chartiers Avenue and raked empty or neglected lots. When it was all done, these sweet sixteen collected more than 60 plus bags of trash. Elliott never looked so clean.

Of course that leads to the tough part. to keep it this way! We encourage everyone to take a few minutes each week to simply pick-up the litter on their property and block. Don’t settle or allow someone else’s bad habits to reflect on your home, your street or your community. Also call the Mayor’s 311 hotline and report neglected and abandoned properties or landlords that are not living up to their responsibilities. Already in Elliott six abandoned and decrepit houses have been torn down in two years and many more to come.

If we all work together, take just a few minutes out of our busy lives and pitch in to show we care, we’ll be amazed at how much better Elliott will become for ourselves, our neighbors and our children.

Mark your calendars for our next Redd-Up/Clean-Up in the spring set for the weekend of April 18 and 19. Earth Day is April 22nd. In the meantime, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK OF CLEANING UP ELLIOTT.


On Saturday, October 25 at Herschel Field the Elliott Athletic Association hosted their annual family Halloween Night. There were approximately two hundred children in costume with their families in attendance.

Children from infants to age thirteen took part in the parade and costume judging. Some children brought their carved pumpkins for the pumpkin carving contest. Each child in a costume received a treat bag and a big red candy apple. Food was sold at the refreshment stand. A raffle was held to win a Halloween Cake, two lunches at Suzie’s Corner on Main Street, West End or two Penguin tickets.

In the newborn to four years old group
1st place went to McKenna Meckline, 2nd place to DeVaugn Lyle and 3rd place to Deondre Teasley honorable mention to Jacob Ball, Brianna Roberts and Justin Wilson

In the ages five through seven group, 1st place went to Tommy Wittman, 2nd place to Dylan Wilson and 3rd place to Dani Sakulsky honorable mention to Ashley Jones, Logan Byers, and Maddox Kerelitch.

In the ages eight through ten group,
1st place went to Emily Julian, 2nd place to Josh and Jason Baumgartner and 3rd place to Charysma Adams honorable mention to Bonnie Witman, Jaquey Jackson and Jordan Anderson.
In the ages eleven through thirteen group, 1st place went to Mara Teeple, 2nd place to Jordan Bartok and 3rd place to Amber Nolf honorable mention to Caitlin Miller and Nicole Smith, Demi Hill and Kayla Bartok

The pumpkin carved with a spider on it’s face won 1st place, the wolf carved pumpkin received 2nd place and the pumpkin with Scooby on it’s face won 3rd place.


The West End Senior Center at 80 Wabash Avenue welcomes all seniors sixty and over. There is no fee to join and take part in the many activities of the center.

 On November 19 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM they will have a speaker on violent crimes. Every Wednesday there is an exercise class. The third Thursday of the month the book club meets at 1:00 PM

The Thanksgiving lunch will be served on Thursday, November 20 for a donation of fifty cents. The center will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Friday after Thanksgiving.

The Holiday meal for December will be on December 18 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Back by popular request will be Randy Galioto impersonating Elvis Presley the entertainment for the afternoon. There will be a $5.00 fee for the afternoon and reservations are a must and can be made by calling  (412) 927-3068.


Family night for all ages every Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM.

November 26 at 7:00 PM there will be a special Thanksgiving Eve testimony service.

December 6 at 5:20PM food pantry benefit concert (more info here).

December 24 at 6:00 PM a Christmas Eve service will be held.

2009 will mark the 20th anniversary of New Life Fellowship Church in Elliott and their 25th anniversary of operating a community food pantry.


A Santa bingo will be held on Saturday, December 13 from 10:00 Am to 2:00 PM in the Guardian Angels Center gymnasium for children three through twelve with adult supervision. There will be great prizes and a visit with Santa. Reservations are required and can be made by calling (412) 921-4077. The cost is $7.00 per person.

The annual homemade cookie sale will take place on Saturday, December 13 from 10:00 AM till noon and after each of the masses that week end.

A tray of one dozen home made cookies is $5.00 and a tray of three dozen cookies is $12.00. Cookie trays can be preorder by calling Rose at (412) 921-4077.

What a great Christmas gift and time saver you can just let the baking up to the great ladies of Guardian Angels Parish.


Community Thanksgiving Service on November 26 at 7:30 PM

A Blue Christmas Service on Wednesday, December 10 at 7:30 PM.

Live Nativity outside with a Bethlehem Market Place  inside Friday, December 12.
A free community dinner on Saturday, December 13 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM .

Jazz Christmas Eve service at 4:00 PM and Christmas Eve Candle Light Service at 7:30 PM


The Black Box Theater will offer performances of “Home for the Holidays “ Friday, December 19 and Saturday December 20. The cost is $10.00 per person.

Coffee and tea along with a pastry is served. The seating is limited and reservations are required by calling (412) 921-1432.

The Black Box Theater at Emanuel Methodist Church has been in existence for over five years. At different times of the year they present in a cabaret setting a musical production. The Apple Tree was their first production and was followed by a variety of other productions including Honk with children from the community taking part. A holiday show has become a tradition.


The West Pittsburgh Weed & Seed Operation Neighborhood Restoration Sub-Committee in partnership with the City of Pittsburgh, State of Pennsylvania, and other selected community groups, including the West End Elliott Citizens Council, has been working to develop a Community Action Plan for the West Pittsburgh Weed & Seed area.

The action plan is part of the effort to “seed” in the community’s revitalization and beautification.  It is community driven with representatives from all eight Weed & Seed neighborhoods participating.  A consultant will be hired in January 2009, and will begin meeting with groups in each neighborhood, as well as examine the strengths, weaknesses, and what each Weed & Seed have in common to create an action plan that
Will help the neighborhoods make West Pittsburgh a better place to live.

by Michael Finley, City Planning.


Monday November 24 the general meeting will be held at Emanuel Methodist Church the corner of Lorenz Avenue and Crucible Street at 7:00 PM.

Local Magistrate Randy Martini will be the main speaker of the evening. Magistrate Martini graciously agreed to come in November when the issue of the proposed strip club on West Carson Street was a more pressing issue at the October meeting.

There will be no general meeting in December and the first general meeting of the new year will be on Monday, January 26, 2009.


This is the last newsletter of 2008 we hope that the newsletters of 2009 will be filled with good news. That they will contain articles of hope and change in our communities. Remember this is your newsletter and the West End Citizens Council is your community organization. Everyone is a vital part of making West End and Elliott communities to be proud of.

I would encourage each of you if you have not already done so to cut out the membership application and become a voting member of the West End Elliott Citizens Council. Together we can achieve more than we dream.

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to everyone,

Elmer Clark, president


If you would like to help a needy neighbor enjoy a turkey this Thanksgiving. You may make a contribution to the Southwest Food Pantry. Mail your contribution to: Ester Hoegle, 287 Oriole Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15220